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Product Features & Benefits

Individual, Fully Adjustable Light Heads

Allows light to be adjusted to suit any light application including a 360 degree light pattern.

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Built In Level Gauge

Reduces set-up time and allows the operator to ensure that the mast is set up correctly and safely. 

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Integrated Winch With Safety Brake 

Slack rope safety system automatically detects when winch rope is not correctly tension for maximum safety. 

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Operator Level RCBO Safety Switch

No need to lower mast to turn luminaries on and off. Instant power off should an electrical problem occur. 

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Automatic Mast Safety At Stow Lock

Helps prevent mast from being raised until legs are deployed and secures mast for transport. 

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Automatic Mast Safety Interlock

Market leading, double pin locking system ensures the mast is automatically and mechanically locked in all positions. 

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Independently Adjustable  Legs

Rapid to deploy, independently adjustable legs. Designed to enable maximum stability when deployed. 

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Unique Parallel Mast Design

Allows the mast sections to slide past each other and the light head assembly to be fully retracted when stowed at base. 

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Low Center Of Gravity For Handling

Typical telescopic mast designs do not allow the light heads to be retracted below approx 2M forcing removal of light heads. 

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Compact To Store & Transport

Will fit through standard size door enabling storage in any location. 8 towers can be stored on a footprint of 3M x 2M. 

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Low Pressure Footprint

Low pressure footprint with non-marking base. Optimum stability with minimum  impact even on impressionable surfaces.

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Adjustable, Removable Wheel Kit

Easily adjust the wheel kit for increased flexibility when transporting and storing the light towers. 

Product Dimensions

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